Do You Need to Sell Your House Fast and For Cash in Minot, North Dakota?

Eliminate Uncertainty and Repair Expenses. Sell Your House Rapidly Today!

Are you pondering, ‘How can I sell my house quickly?’ BiggerEquity has the ultimate solution for you! We specialize in purchasing homes in Minot and its environs. Unlike traditional real estate agents, our aim is not to simply list your house; rather, we buy directly from you. We provide cash for your Minot property and ensure swift closure, tailored to your schedule. Selling your Minot house to us incurs no additional fees or costs. You can effortlessly sell your Minot house to us in its current as-is condition.

Similar to our past and present clients, we treat you with the utmost respect. We do not act as intermediaries like mortgage brokers, real estate agents, or contractors. Our mission is to contribute to the community by providing affordable, high-quality housing solutions for individuals facing various circumstances. Our real estate investments are driven by the goal of benefitting our community.

Upon acquiring your property, we may utilize it for diverse purposes. Some houses undergo renovation and are subsequently sold on the retail market, while others are offered for rent or lease-purchase. Furthermore, we buy properties and transfer them to other contractors or investors who may opt to renovate and resell them. Essentially, we are involved in a variety of real estate ventures across Minot, North Dakota.

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How Can You Sell Your Minot, North Dakota Quick?

  • Step 1: Get in touch with us to inform us about the property you wish to sell.
  • Step 2: We’ll arrange a visit to your home to evaluate it.
  • Step 3: Within 24 hours or less, we’ll furnish you with a no-obligation cash offer.

Once you’ve provided us with the details of your property, a member of our purchasing team will promptly contact you. This discussion enables us to gain insight into you and your property while addressing any queries you may have regarding the selling process.

After assessing your house, we’ll formulate a no-obligation offer. It’s worth noting that you won’t have to concern yourself with making any repairs or renovations, as we purchase houses in any condition.

Selling your house through traditional channels with realtors can often present numerous challenges and obstacles.

Selling your house through traditional channels with realtors can often entail numerous challenges and obstacles:

  • Time-Consuming: It can take up to 12 months to complete the sale, delaying your plans.
  • High Costs: You may end up paying thousands of dollars in commissions, closing fees, and service fees, impacting your finances.
  • Paperwork Hassles: Dealing with an endless stream of paperwork can be stressful and time-consuming.
  • Repairs and Cleaning: You’ll need to invest time and money in repairing and cleaning your property to make it presentable, adding to your expenses.
  • Limited Commitment: Your agent may have multiple clients, making it unlikely they are fully committed to selling your house, potentially prolonging the process.
  • Deal Uncertainty: Buyers can back out at the last minute after tying up your property for weeks, leading to uncertainty and frustration.
  • Unfulfilled Promises: There’s no guarantee that your agent will deliver on their promise to sell your home, leaving you disappointed and uncertain about the outcome.

We are here and ready to assist you in solving your problem.

The process of selling your house to us is incredibly easy, convenient, and fast. Give us a call today at 866-333-8377, or you can fill out the contact form to have us reach out to you promptly.

Typically, we provide our customers with an offer within 24 hours after inspecting the house they’ve listed for sale.

Accept our cash offer for your house, and one of our buyers will get in touch with you. Whether you decide to accept or reject the offer, rest assured there are no charges involved.

Did you know that Minot is home to Minot Air Force Base, one of the United States Air Force’s key strategic bases? It houses both the 5th Bomb Wing and the 91st Missile Wing, making it a significant military installation in the region.

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Inherited property and don’t know what to do with it? Call BiggerEquity we’ll make an all cash offer.

The stress associated with being in charge of an estate property is enormous, especially if it’s an inherited property where every member is far-fetched when it comes to helping. Repairing such a property can be burdensome as you have limited choices to make. If this is you, we can provide immediate help by making a cash offer for your property, without you having to carry out any repairs. Have a house you inherited through probate? We are professionals equipped with best practices to ensure you won’t be spending any attorney fees, agent fees, or enduring long, drawn-out selling processes. You can receive your inheritance money in days instead of the usual months of waiting for legal red tape.

What if the estate doesn’t have any other money? You and other family members will be responsible for repairs, maintenance, and bills out of pocket until the estate is settled. The house can be foreclosed or sold at a delinquent tax sale if taxes, HOA fees, or mortgage payments are unpaid.

Are there ways to quickly sell a house in probate without waiting for a long time? Yes, sometimes there are alternative methods for us to buy the home, help you solve the problem, and fill your pockets with money without going through the estate. To learn more, contact us now!


BiggerEquity offers real estate solutions to individuals keen on selling their homes or investment properties swiftly, for a variety of reasons. Our teams are dedicated to enhancing our community through strategic investments. As seasoned home buyers, we excel at crafting various scenarios that facilitate fast and hassle-free sales for homeowners and investment property owners.

The extensive experience we’ve amassed over the years has equipped us to adeptly manage even the most intricate transactions in the real estate market. Throughout this journey, we’ve refined efficient methods to ensure stress-free and prompt transactions, regardless of whether you’re facing foreclosure, managing an inherited property, or simply looking to sell your home and move forward. If this describes your situation, we’re eager to extend an offer to purchase your home. With our expert skills, we’ll handle all aspects of the transaction and provide you with top-notch customer service.

We devote ourselves to delivering quality work to unlock the full potential of each property, thereby adding value to the neighborhoods where we operate. Our goal is to provide win-win solutions for buyers and sellers in diverse situations. Remember, we’re just a phone call away; we’re ready to answer your calls and emails promptly, staying in touch every step of the way.


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Sell your House Quickly Without Losing Your Investment.

BiggerEquity assists various categories of homeowners in various situations where they need to sell their homes quickly. Whether you are dealing with code violations, foreclosure, liens, or an inherited property in probate, we offer multiple options to help you sell your house. We buy your house directly from you, so you won’t have to pay realtor fees, commissions, or repair costs. We provide a straightforward and fast way to sell your house in Minot. Contact us at 866-333-8377 to learn more about our services.

When selling your house to retail buyers, you can choose to sell it yourself or with a realtor. One major drawback of this approach is the risk of the buyer’s loan application being denied, leading them to back out of the deal at the last minute.

You can sell your house quickly, even though traditional sales can sometimes take months or even years. There are situations where you may need to sell your home within weeks due to relocation, mortgage issues, or simply because you no longer want the property and keeping it would be a burden. Whether you want to offload your home or sell it quickly, it is entirely achievable.

Speaking of Minot, the city has a strong Scandinavian heritage, with many residents tracing their ancestry to countries like Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland. This influence is evident in the city’s cultural events, cuisine, and traditions.

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Call us Today if you want to Sell your House ASAP without Stress.

Do you want to sell your house today? BiggerEquity can buy your house right away. Listing your house on the real estate market can take weeks and sometimes months before you find a buyer with the means to buy your house. We can help you sell your house in Minot fast.

It can get very overwhelming sometimes when you need to sell your home fast because such situations always come with a lot of pressure. It might be that your reason for wanting to sell your home is that you are behind on tax payments, moving, or going through a divorce. We buy property across North Dakota regardless of the situation so you can always sell your house to us fast to get out of that situation and move on with your life. If you wish to sell your property in North Dakota, we will buy it at the best price and close fast.

Sell your North Dakota property quickly. Contact us now to receive a no-obligation cash offer in writing today. If you find our offer acceptable, we close the sale quickly by paying you in cash and closing the transaction through a reliable title company. Unlike conventional models, the process is simple when you sell your home to us because you will not have to deal with any delays, extra closing costs, commissions, or repair costs.

Are you looking to sell your house quickly in Minot, North Dakota?

Do you want a quick way to sell your home in Minot? With us, you can sell your Minot home quickly and conveniently. We assist homeowners from every corner of Minot who need to sell their property. We buy different kinds of properties for cash through a stress-free process while offering you the best prices. Work with us today to enjoy our fast closings. Sell your house the easy way in North Dakota without experiencing delays that are common when you have to wait for bank loan approvals. We provide real estate solutions for property owners in all parts of North Dakota, and we are ready to pay cash for your house. We are a great option for homeowners who need to sell their home fast, as well as new investors looking to improve their portfolio to attract better returns. 

BiggerEquity is rated #1 among home buyers and real estate investors in Minot, North Dakota. We offer personalized solutions for property owners and go the extra mile to ensure each transaction is a win-win for us and the seller. Our experts have a wealth of experience in dealing with distressed houses facing foreclosure, as well as people who want to sell their property quickly. We also specialize in remodeling the houses we buy and selling them to other homeowners or renting them out. 

The success and long standing reputation of BiggerEquity derive from the relationships we have built with people over the years by buying and selling houses in a professional and friendly way. We usually buy more than one property in each community and then invest in remodeling them to improve the quality of housing in these communities. 

Give us a call or contact us via email now to receive a free quote and sell your North Dakota house by the end of today.

We Buy Houses in North Dakota …

  • With a current population of 756,927 and continuing growth, now is an ideal time to consider selling your house in North Dakota
  • The tradition of selling homes in North Dakota dates back to its founding in 1889.
  • In Bismarck, the state capital of North Dakota, lawmakers are constantly working on new legislation in Congress to help homeowners save money when selling their homes. The practice of selling homes in Bismarck has been ongoing since 1883.
  • North Dakota boasts a vast land area of 26,900 square miles, providing a wealth of houses for sale across the state. When selling a house in North Dakota, the first step typically involves a Purchase Agreement between the Buyer and the Seller. Each state has an official residential purchase agreement, and you can find North Dakota’s official document on the North Dakota realtor board’s website.
  • Fun Fact: North Dakota holds the distinction of being the largest manufacturer of sunflower seeds in the country.
  • For more information about North Dakota, you can visit the official North Dakota state website. This page provides additional demographic data about the state.

Sell My House Fast in Minot North Dakota

  • The city of Minot is considered to part of Ward county.
  • Visit the Minot by following the link, Minot.
  • Check out the City Page of Minot for additional demographic information for Minot.
  • Minot is associated with these zipcodes: 58707, 58703, 58702, 58701
  • The coordinates for Minot are: 48.2375 latitude and -101.2779 longitude.We buy in Ward, in cities like and their surrounding areas.

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