We Will Buy Your House Irrespective of Its Price Range, Location, or the Physical Condition.

Are you looking to sell your house fast? Well, congratulations! You’ve just found a house buyer that has the cash and other resources to buy your house fast for cash, irrespective of its condition, location, or price. We are ready to make you a cash offer for your house within a day! Yes, we are that fast!

We are only interested in buying different kinds of residential properties such as condominiums, single and multi-family homes, and townhomes. If you are looking to sell commercial property such as hotels, rental property, or timeshares, you should try another buyer. We do not buy commercial property.

…get a cash offer for your house in less than a day!

Traditional Selling...

The process of selling your home with a realtor is expensive and filled with obstacles that prevent you from selling your house quickly when time is of the essence. Moreover, the costs on your home will keep accumulating while you wait for a qualified buyer to come around. Unlike most house buyers who will try to take advantage of your situation by offering to buy your house at a price that is lower it is worth, we are legitimate house buyers who have your best interests at heart. BiggerEquity.com will buy your house at a fair price no matter the time constraint.

You may decide to sell your house fast for cash in many situations such as:

Inability to keep mortgage and tax payments current, loss of job, problem tenants, relocation due to transfer or new job, avoiding an impending foreclosure, mortgage terms that are not fair to you, you own a house that can’t sell on the MLS because it is ugly, old, or damaged by fire or water,  Military PCS, expired listing, repairs you cannot afford, going through a divorce, no equity, liens and other legal issues, or maybe you need to pay up your bills and the only way to do that is to liquidate your assets. We can offer you a solution irrespective of your reason for selling your house.

Why Us?

  • Fast and Effective Solutions: We buy all kinds of houses “AS-IS” across the USA and offer quick closings regardless of whether it’s your flat, condo, bungalow, or duplex that you are looking to sell.
  • Cash Offer: We have the financial resources to make you a beneficial offer to buy your house for cash and free you of whatever burden your house has put on you.
  • Simple Terms: We do not complicate things. We keep the terms of the transaction simple and clear while providing a win-win solution that will benefit you and us.
  • You don’t have to worry about paperwork: At BiggerEquity, we take care of all the paperwork. All you have to do is accept our offer and we will proceed to the closing table.
  • No Closing Costs, No Commissions, and No Fees Whatsoever: We do not charge any fees and you won’t pay any fees when you sell to us. We cover all valuation, closing, repair, and paperwork costs.
  • The Condition of Your House Won’t Stop Us: We promised to buy your house “as-is” for cash and we will stick to that promise till the end. We will not ask you to spend even a dime on repairs.
  • No Equity? We Might Still Be Able To Help: Regardless of whether there is no equity on your house; we are ready to buy it without having you cover any expenses that arise in the process.
  • Work with Experienced Buyers: We have over 10 years of experience in the real estate industry under our belts so we offer you the best options to sell your house quickly on the market. Unlike newbies in the industry, we know how the market operates and how to negotiate the best terms with lenders as well as attorneys.
  • We Respect and Treat Sellers with Dignity: We know you are in a difficult situation but that is no reason to disrespect you. We will treat you with dignity and respect from start to finish.
  • Get the Best Credit Counseling Service Available: We collaborate with the finest credit counseling professionals in the industry to solve whatever debt problems you may be facing at the moment.

Hurry now and call us on (866) 333-8377 or complete the form below to work with a buyer that is willing and ready to relieve you of the burden of your house, no matter how terrible your situation may be.


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