7 Neutral Colors That Will Help You Sell Your Home Faster

neutral colors
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Your house is on the market, now you have to find the best strategies to sell. One of the best ways to get your home ready to sell is painting it with neutral colors. Whites, greens, or yellows offer calm and positive feelings.

You want your prospective buyers to enjoy the look and feel of your home. We want to help you find the right shade for your rooms. We’re going to dish out all the best colors to attract buyers, the right way.

Keep reading to see our list of top seven neutral colors that’ll help you sell your home!

1. First On Our List of Neutral Colors is White

Selling your home fast takes a bit of time and effort. That’s why it’s important to take smart actions. Don’t waste your time re-painting with bright and obnoxious colors.

Instead, stick to neutrals that are calm and conservative. While they seem boring, they pack quite the punch when you have buyers with varying tastes. The last thing you want to do is scare off a potential buyer because of a paint color.

White offers the perfect neutrality. It’s clean, crisp, fresh, and vibrant. You can’t complain about a delicious white coat of paint. It matches all colors on the color wheel!

Beware that quality paint is important when choosing white as it does dirty quick. Buying a paint with a glossy finish makes it easier to clean and less likely to get dirty.

2. Ivory

Like white, ivory is a perfect hit between off-white and beige. It’s not too brown or yellow and still matches with many other colors. Beautiful match for ivory is dark reds or browns.

Since ivory is light, choosing one darker shade like red or brown would work. The idea is to keep a balance in the room. Consider the lighting.

If you’re painting a basement, choose lighter colors. Dark colors in a basement make them feel too much like a cold dungeon. Ivory’s bring back that calmness and peaceful people seek in their environment.

Also, choosing a dark red compliments ivory. Paint a red room with ivory and it’s bound to pop, or reverse it and have thin trims of red to accent a room.

3. Black

Want to cut on cleaning all together? Black is your color! This color is both neutral, but also a statement piece.

It matches with certain browns or white. For the most part, you’ll want to stick to a certain color scheme. Straying away and adding in yellows, greens, or blues will make items look out of place.

Another tip is to use black if you have many windows in your house. Houses with windows all natural light to pour in to give balance to rooms. If you have a black interior without windows, the room’s atmosphere will become too dark.

This makes the room feel unwelcoming.

4. Gray

Black may be too harsh for some homes without good lighting. Gray is a great option for those who enjoy statement colors. It’s important to note that gray is another option that may be difficult to match.

The best match for gray is white. Sharp white colors help the gray pop and will let all your decor and furniture pop. This color provides a chic vibe to your and is fashionable when shopping for a home.

A wall of gray too much for your liking? That’s fine, use it as an accent paint. This could be a great choice to link windows or lining wood for a crisp division.

Beyond windows, you can paint door frames and other trims to give the room more dimension. Layering colors of paint gives a more sophisticated look. It makes it seem like you put in a lot more effort to make a room look nice.

5. Brown or Beige

Many underestimate the power of a brown or beige shade. The truth is, it’s a real winner. Beige is a gentle, warm, and welcoming color.

It can make any room look clean, fresh, and welcoming. You don’t have the crisp and sharp vibe of white, but the color is energetic. Beige offers more than excitement, it’s flexible.

The color matches with many different colors. You won’t have to worry about finding other decor or furniture. Whites or creams like ivory will help browns pop.

They all fit great in one color scheme. Another great match for brown are light greens. Again, stick lighter on the color scale for a balanced and neutral look.

6. Green

Green is an earthy tone that fits nice in any living room area. It’s a great match for beiges or browns. Together, these colors produce a theme resembling the Earth’s natural environment.

Think of the rainforest, and the peace of being in the wild. Green produces feelings of peace and a sense of calmness. The key is to remain on the light end of the color scale.

Choosing lighter colors, almost pastels, will keep the tone light and bouncy. If you go too dark, it could overpower the tone of the room, and drag the energy.

7. Yellow

There’s no question or doubt that yellow is a happy color. The isn’t a better way to get prospective buyers excited for your house than happy feelings. This neutral color is perfect when lined with white.

Hang up white curtains or if you have white floorboards, opt for yellow or amber tones. Remember to choose on the lighter side. The light the shade the better. Heavy colors like bright yellows will be too loud and draw attention.

Instead, opt for a color that blends in nice and compliments your current furniture and decor.

We’re Here to Help You Sell

Neutral colors will help your home sell faster on the market. You’ll compliment the taste of many buyers. Paint color encourages buyers to choose your property as their forever home.

A little effort goes a long way. Let us do the rest. Feel free to contact us with questions about our services. We’ll help you get on the right path to selling your home fast!

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