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Joseph W. Brown, Homeowner in Oakland Park Florida

“My experience with this company was very positive.

Eden was a man of his word, and trustworthy. I would do business with him again.”

May 31, 2017

Bruce G. Greer, Homeowner in Hollywood FL

“This company went above and beyond what I would have expected to close a deal. They took a risk that few companies would. One of the owners, Rami, was very fair and accommodating. I recommend this company.”

May 30, 2017

Dean D, Investor

“Eden is an honest individual that runs his company BiggerEquity with integrity. As a fellow investor in this industry, it is rare to find a person of such caliber. He is a pleasure to work with and I am very thankful to have met him.”

Mar 28, 2017

Lori K, Homeowner

“My experience with Bigger Equity is one that I would gladly repeat. Rami was incredibly accommodating and knowledgeable while working with my property. He was with me throughout the whole process and was very supportive until the deal was done! My experience was both positive and profitable! Bigger Equity really works with you and for you! I highly recommend them for your next realty business deal!”

Jan 30, 2017

Dana B, Homeowner

“I know the owner personally and they have helped me with issues I had with my property as well.

Highly recommended!”

Dec 23, 2016

Amanda K, Homeowner

“Rami from BiggerEquity was very helpful! I sold my Ft. Lauderdale house to them and they gave me a better price than 2 other cash buyers I had met with. They finished renovating my house in just 2 months and sold the home in 13 days. I ended up making more money than I expected. I would definitely recommend working with them.”

Mar 05, 2016

Or K, Homeowner

“After I lost my Job in Tamarac FL I couldn’t afford the mortgage payment any more, I met with Don from BiggerEquity and sold the house to them in June 2016. They finished to renovate the house and I got a share of what they made. I was very skeptical at first but they left good impression so I decided to go with it. I’m glad I did!”

Jan 17, 2016

Nikkia K

“My mom was living out of state and renting out a condo in South FL, she later realized it was  trespassed by squatters. The HOA tried to sue my mom even thought she didn’t know about the squatters. BiggerEquity paid a fair price for the condo and dealt with the entire transaction including the legal actions. The whole process was super quick and a huge relief to my mom, she was able to get cash 5 days later. I would definitely recommend working with them.”

Oct 23, 2015

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