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A lot of times people need to sell their house fast for various reasons. And it’s not in their best interest to sell it traditionally meaning listing their house with a realtor on the local market.  By doing that now attracting other realtors that have buyers who are interested in this property.

There are many reasons why selling a house with a realtor isn’t really a good option for people who need to sell their home fast.

For more information about the reasons click here to see the pros and cons of using a realtor

There are many reason why people would want to sell their house fast:

  • people who are going through a divorce.
  • Home owners that are late on their mortgage payments.
  • people that are facing a medical emergency and must get money fast to support their loved ones.
  • Home owners that had suffered a fire damage and know their house would not sell in retail.
  • people that are moving out of town or state and must sell before they move and the list goes on and on…

This is why cash buyers are here.

They have formed because of the need for certain people to sell their home fast. As cash buyers don’t really need the bank in order to purchase a property ( because they have cash ).

When the bank needs to loan money that transaction will indeed occur things start to move slowly.

Qualify for a mortgage isn’t a privilege everybody has and the bank takes it’s time processing the applicants.

Cash buyers are busy for another reason when obtaining a loan; the bank must verify that the money it puts doesn’t go to a distressed property. The bank wants to lend money to people who want to buy properties that are in good shape, and that means that a lot of homeowners who own distressed properties can’t really sell their house traditionally because no bank would lend money to a potential buyer.

Cash buyers (investors) buy these properties and fix them, and then they are able to sell them traditionally at retail prices.

Cash buyers might also buy these properties and sell them to different investors for smaller profits.
This is what we do- and this is how we make money.


We feel like we want to share the profits we make with the homeowner that sells their houses to us.

It means, that if you are selling us your property, not only will you get cash fast we will give you a fair offer!

When we sell the house at a retail price after we worked hard to fix it, we are going to share our profits with you!

This is yet unheard of and we are the only company in the area that does that.

We understand that when our customers are happy and are gaining beside us we are going to get more business, based on the good experience and the reputation we build.

You can read about the process of selling your house to us here and you can also read about how you make money with us.

If you own a home you wish to sell fast, feel free to contact us by calling: 866-333-8377 or by submitting the form on this page with your property info and we promise to get back to you within 24 hours!

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