5 Reasons You Should Sell Your Home For Cash Right Now

sell your home for cash
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Common wisdom dictates that most people wouldn’t want (or be able) to buy a home with cash. But why wouldn’t you want to sell your home for cash?

Loads of people are doing it. In fact, 36.5% of all home sales in January 2017 were cash sales. Join the trend, and sell your home for a cash lump sum.

Here are 5 reasons you should sell your home for cash today.

1. No Messing Around

A cash sale is serious. There’s no pussyfooting around, waiting for people to sort out their mortgages and dealing with messes up or down the chain.

There’s also no timewasters involved – a common bugbear among home sellers.

Sell your home for cash and the deal can be closed within as few as 7 days.

Then the cash is in your pocket, and you’re free to go.

2. You’re Finding it Hard to Attract Buyers

Maybe your home has been on the market for a while and you’re struggling to find a buyer.

There are many reasons why you might be having a hard time, but whatever the problem, you need to sell.

But if you choose to sell the home to us for cash, you can sell it really fast.

3. It’s Really Convenient

Cash buyers are so much easier to work with than people who’d have to borrow money first.

We offer fair prices, considering the cost of any repairs and the market value of the property. We’ll come and appraise the house and then make you an offer.

If you don’t want our offer, that’s OK. If you do, fantastic. The house will be out of your hands ASAP and filled with cash instead. That’s a win-win situation.

4. You’re Selling a Distressed Property

You might have inherited a property which hasn’t been used for a while and isn’t in fantastic shape.

Doing the work to bring it up to a liveable standard would be far too much for you, and finding a buyer would be next to impossible. What new owner wants to take on a project like that?

Well, us for one. We don’t really mind if the house needs repair work, we’ll factor that into our offer. So you can move on without worrying about what to do with that old house miles away from where you live!

5. Reduce Your Responsibility

If you’ve become an ‘accidental landlord’ – where you’ve inherited a rental property – this can be a real headache.

You have a full-time job, and don’t have time to deal with tenants. Sell your home for a cash lump sum, and you no longer have to worry about them.

Sell Your Home for Cash Today!

What are you waiting for?

We don’t mind what state the home is in, and we don’t even mind if it’s being foreclosed on. We’ll still make a cash offer, ready to go within as little as a week.

We’ll help as much as we can during the process to ensure a smooth and efficient sale for everybody involved. Contact us today and sell your home for cash.

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