How to Stage Your Home For a Fast House Sale in Fort Lauderdale

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Preparing your home to be staged can be a daunting task in itself. If you are looking to make a fast house sale, the stress only amplifies.

To sell your home quickly, you will want your home to look its best. The overall appearance of your home is one of the most enticing ways to grab your buyer’s attention.

Read on to learn how to stage your home for a fast house sale.


Add Color

This goes without saying- the appearance of the exterior is tremendously important. Like all first impressions, the outside of your home can be a make-it-or-break-it factor.

A great way to play up the exterior is by adding color through seasonal flowers or potted plants. Also, you could repaint your front door to better complement the home.

Bring Out Outdoor Seating

Although you may not always use your outdoor seating equipment, they are great from a buyer’s eye. This can strike inspiration for what is yet to come in their new home.

If you have your patio furniture tucked away, now is the time to bring them on out. Make use of decorative outdoor seats, chairs, and other patio equipment.

Power Washing

Although you are already in ‘Spring Cleaning’ mode for your interior, don’t neglect the exterior in the process! Just like the rest of your home, you will want to ensure the entrance is cleaned thoroughly.

Power washing the walkway will give your outdoor space a nice, clean feel to it. You should also power wash all windows or at the minimum, the front ones.


Create a Brighter Space

Generally speaking, the brighter you can make your home, the better. Buyers tend to prefer light, open spaces as opposed to darker rooms.

You can make your home brighter in several simple ways. Opening curtains or even replacing old blinds is inexpensive and will create a lighter feel.

Also, you could repaint over darker colors. Beige, white and earth tones are great colors to secure a fast house sale.

Remove Clutter

Anything that resembles clutter in your home should be boxed up and stored away for staging.

Your buyers need to be able to visualize themselves in your home. Your items can make it hard for this to happen.

Make sure all rooms, including closets, are ridden of unnecessary items. Your buyer is much more likely to fall in love and you can make a fast house sale.

Create an Open Space

Creating a balanced room can help demonstrate just how spacious your home is. Space is one of the most important factors homebuyers consider.

To create a more open space, you should pull your furniture away from walls. Also, remove any decor or items that don’t really complement the appeal of the home.

Don’t forget about those open areas that you may have no use for! Incorporate this into your tour or add decorative pieces to demonstrate how it could be used.


Making a fast house sale doesn’t have to be as stressful as it seems! If you don’t have the time to iron out all of the staging necessities, then don’t fret!

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