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You have the option to sell your house to us in exchange for cash. Begin by sharing your current situation with us today.

BiggerEquity, a family-owned real estate business, is dedicated to providing tailored solutions for homeowners facing various challenges. Our primary objective is to address your real estate issues, whether it involves difficulties in selling your property, impending foreclosure, or the need for a quick sale due to any reason.

Operating with the highest ethical standards, we prioritize integrity in every transaction. Our commitment lies in enhancing lives while ensuring profitability for ourselves. Central to our business ethos are principles of ethical conduct, respect, and non-discrimination.

Should you seek validation of our credibility, we welcome you to connect with our bankers and references. They can attest to our status as qualified investors capable of securing loans for prompt house closings.

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Here’s a step-by-step procedure for you if you’re thinking, ‘Sell my Oshkosh, Wisconsin Home Quickly.

The process is straightforward. We can conduct a complimentary assessment of your home before presenting you with a fair cash offer based on current market rates. The decision to accept or decline our offer is entirely yours; we will not exert any pressure on you in this regard.

If you opt to accept our offer, we will expedite the closing on your house (typically within 7 days) because we recognize the importance of a quick and hassle-free sale. Additionally, we will cover most, if not all, of the closing costs.

Obtain a quote from us today! Simply complete the questionnaire above or contact us at 866-333-8377, and our local investors will promptly get in touch with you.

Allow us to present you with a cash offer to purchase your house today, without any obligation to accept.

Experience a Smooth Transaction from Beginning to End!

  • We possess the financial capability to buy your property outright, eliminating the need to wait for loan approvals.
  • Transparency is key in our transactions, aiming for a win-win outcome for all parties involved. Expect full disclosure throughout, along with straightforward processes facilitated by the provision of seller agreements and escrow documents.
  • Sell your property worry-free, as we take care of all closing fees, agent commissions, and paperwork expenses.
  • Regardless of your house’s condition, we’re prepared to make a cash purchase. With our resources, expect a swift transaction, closing deals within a remarkable 7-day timeframe.

Curious about the reasons to choose BiggerEquity for your sale?

Homeowners value the seamless journey from initial contact to the finalization of their house sale. Efficiency remains a core principle woven into every aspect of our operations. Dial 866-333-8377 now to secure an immediate cash offer.

We spare you the burden of appraisal, legal, or agency fees. Our commitment is to assist you comprehensively, ensuring transparency and zero hidden expenses from start to end.

Enjoy savings on fees and closing costs: Take advantage of the opportunity to avoid the standard 6% commission typically paid to a realtor. Through our valuation process, rest assured of receiving a fair price for your property.

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Choosing to sell your house to BiggerEquity is a smart move because we specialize in fast house purchases!

Real estate agents may occasionally spring hidden costs on you. We recently assisted a client grappling with this issue, prompting them to seek our assistance. While reputable agents exist, why incur unnecessary expenses when there are more advantageous options available? Selling your house to us can shield you from these unforeseen financial burdens and the protracted waiting period.

Navigating through banking procedures can prove exasperating for prospective homeowners. We’ve encountered distressing tales, but as investors, our objective is swift house acquisition devoid of entanglement in banking regulations.

Swift action is key. Submit your details via our contact form promptly, and within minutes, expect our call to discuss pricing preferences determined by our property assessment. Renowned for competitive offers, it appears you’re next in line to experience the convenience we’re renowned for. Upon receiving an offer, we take charge of all paperwork, processing costs, and other essentials, ensuring prompt cash payment for your property.

In Wisconsin, both buying and selling property involve specific disclosure requirements.

In Wisconsin, specific disclosure requirements apply to sellers and buyers involved in property transactions.

Firstly, sellers must furnish accurate and truthful responses to any queries posed by the buyer regarding the property’s condition or status. Should the seller provide false information resulting in the devaluation or diminishment of the property, the buyer retains the legal right to sue for any ensuing harm or losses.

Moreover, sellers are mandated to disclose any unseen or latent defects or issues with the property, regardless of direct inquiry from the buyer. This disclosure must encompass all such matters, irrespective of the seller’s or BiggerEquity’s awareness, and even if they are not readily detectable by licensed inspectors.

Buyers, too, bear responsibilities in this process. Failure to exercise due diligence in personally inspecting the property or engaging a licensed professional renders them accountable for any subsequent events.


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Sell your house as-is with no commissions and no delays. It’s that simple!

As a homeowner seeking to sell your house swiftly, it’s crucial to be aware of the various options available to you. We understand the daunting prospect of losing your home, which can leave you feeling powerless. We’re committed to preventing you from experiencing that. Regardless of your circumstances, we’re here to assist! Within 24 hours, we can present you with a cash offer for your house.

We specialize in purchasing houses and expediting the closing process, irrespective of the property’s condition or neighborhood. With over 6 years of experience in real estate, we credit our success to fostering robust customer relationships. If you’re seeking a quick cash sale for your house, you’ve come to the right place. As a local, family-owned business, we always prioritize the seller’s situation when formulating offers. We buy houses in any condition and ensure fairness in every transaction, without exploiting your circumstances.

Our cash offers guarantee a rapid sale, typically within 60 minutes of inspecting your property. With our expertise and experience, we ensure a seamless and convenient transaction for you.

Oshkosh Wisconsin OFFICIAL

We can help you prevent foreclosure and avoid drowning in debt.

Foreclosure is a major concern for any homeowner, understandably so, given the anxiety surrounding negative credit ratings and the risk of losing one’s home.

In Wisconsin, the challenges extend beyond the immediate impact of foreclosure. Apart from enduring a five-year waiting period before being eligible to purchase a new home, individuals face the burden of a tarnished credit history for seven years. This impediment extends to obtaining credit cards, compounding the stress of the situation. Fortunately, we offer solutions to help you sidestep foreclosure and its associated anxieties.

Selling your home to us presents a viable alternative, offering a swift resolution to your predicament. By opting to sell to us, you can bypass the lengthy waiting period and the complexities involved in the foreclosure process. Our streamlined approach ensures a simple and rapid transaction, saving you valuable time and alleviating stress.

Our services are free, and you are not obligated to commit to anything!

The sale of your home can be swiftly finalized within just a few hours. We take care of all the particulars, allowing you to choose a convenient time for the transaction. Your only task is to visit the title company to receive the cash payment upon completion of the paperwork.

Regardless of your home’s condition or your present situation, BiggerEquity stands prepared to extend a prompt cash offer if you’re considering selling.

Feel free to take your time exploring the wealth of free information at your disposal. Contact us today to discover why we’re recognized as the top choice.

Did you know that Oshkosh is famous for being the home of the annual EAA AirVenture Oshkosh airshow, which is one of the largest aviation events in the world? Pilots and aviation enthusiasts from around the globe gather in Oshkosh every year to showcase their aircraft, attend workshops, and enjoy thrilling aerobatic displays.

We Buy Houses in Wisconsin …

  • With a current population of 5,771,337 and growing, it’s the perfect time to sell your house in Wisconsin.
  • Since the beginning of time in 1848, folks have been selling their homes in Wisconsin
  • Lawmakers in Madison, the capital of Wisconsin, are always coming up with new laws in congress in order to save you money when selling your home.
  • Since 1838, Madison the capital of Wisconsin, people have been selling their homes.
  • Can you believe Wisconsin is 68700 square miles? Houses for sale galore!
  • The first step in selling a house is a Purchase Agreement between the Buyer & the Seller. Each state has an Official residential purchase agreement. In order to find the official document for use, visit the Wisconsin realtor board page.
  • Fun Fact: All the natural lakes in the state of Wisconsin resulted from glaciers
  • Visit the Wisconsin by following the link, Wisconsin.
  • Check out the State Page of Wisconsin for additional demographic information for Wisconsin.

Sell My House Fast in Oshkosh Wisconsin         

  • The city of Oshkosh is considered to part of Winnebago county.
  • Visit the Oshkosh by following the link, Oshkosh.
  • Check out the City Page of Oshkosh for additional demographic information for Oshkosh.
  • Oshkosh is associated with these zipcodes: 54985, 54904, 54901, 54902, 54903, 54906
  • The coordinates for Oshkosh are: 44.0242 latitude and -88.5610 longitude.
  • We buy in Winnebago, in cities like Neenah and their surrounding areas.

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