How to Sell Your Home Faster with an Open House

open house
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Many real estate agents might struggle to decide whether to host an open house.

At the end of the day, why would you not want the property to enjoy market exposure?

A failure to hold the event could be a big mistake, especially if you need to sell the property soon to pay off debts.

So, the key to selling a property as soon as possible could be hosting the traditional Sunday open house.

Advertise an Open House Online

A beautiful, clean house in an attractive area will more than likely be an easy sale.

You can speed up the sale process by embarking with a few tactics that will make you a real estate pro.

Advertising online is a great way to attract as many buyers as possible to the event.

You should also write an engaging and simple ad in open house directories and/or web classifieds.

Promote the Event Across the Neighborhood

Not only should you advertise online, but you can encourage local footfall to visit.

For instance, you could attach colorful balloons to open house signs. You could even put up arrow signs to direct traffic to the house.

Don’t forget to put up ads on the busiest intersections in the area, either.

Showcase the Property

An open house allows guests to see what their lives could be like if they lived in the property.

It is important to be friendly and upbeat about the house, whilst offering them a tour of the rooms.

There might be aspects of the property that they didn’t know existed on photographs. So you can showcase features they might not have otherwise known if they didn’t drop by.

A personal touch can offer so much more than any website photographs and description.

A helpful tour might be all it takes for a potential buyer to envisage life in the property.

Ask for Feedback

Many homeowners and real estate agents might be a little afraid to ask for open house feedback.

The last thing they will want to hear is the property is awful and they wouldn’t consider buying it.

If you want the house to sell at a rapid rate, you will have to bite the bullet and ask for their opinion.

If the feedback is negative, you can look for ways to improve the property for potential buyers.

You never though, it could be positive and they might even make you an offer there and then.


The process of selling a property is rarely easy, but an open house can simplify it.

When advertised well, the even can welcome internet users to people off the street hoping to buy a new home.

People from all walks of life can view the many little details they cannot see in a photograph. So, they will have a greater idea of what life could be like if this house was their home.

It’s a no-brainer.

Have you enjoyed a quick sale with an open house? Got any tips to share with our readers? Please leave a comment below.


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