3 Benefits Of Doing A Quick Sale On Your Home

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There are many reasons why a homeowner may want to sell their home quickly. For instance, you may be facing a foreclosure or a new job opportunity and you have to relocate.

But getting out of a mortgage is no walk in the park. No lender will let you out of a loan agreement and waiting around for a home buyer can literally take years.

So what do you do when you need to make a quick sale? Fortunately, there are options available. For example, doing a quick cash sale with an investor.

Now, let’s review some of the reasons why this is a really great idea.

1. Save Time and Money

Obviously, if you’re looking for a quick sale, then you’re working with limited time. By making a deal with an investor, everything proceeds fairly fast.

You can expect to get an offer within 24 hours. Just call up one or more investors and begin collecting bids. In most cases, the investor will want to come to your home to view and assess the property.

Sometimes, offers are made on the spot after viewing the home. You can either make a counteroffer, decline or accept.

Then when you factor in the expenses of working with a realtor, you can save a lot of money on fees by making a quick sale with an investor.

Also, working with real estate agents can prolong the sale of your home by months or over a year. Of course, the condition of your home and its location will play major roles in this. The longer the delay, the more money you’re spending on your mortgage, property taxes, utilities and so on.

2. Avoid Going Into Foreclosure

You’re on the verge of a foreclosure, which means a big hit to your credit rating. Any future lenders or landlords will see this on your credit report, making it difficult to get money or rentals.

So it’s a really big deal and has to be stopped by any means necessary. In this case, making a quick sale to an investor is the answer.

The process moves along quickly, allowing you to sell your home within days or weeks. In some cases, the investor will purchase your home and allow you to live there. In exchange, you pay rent to them.

But if you decide to just take the money, you’ll receive cash to pay off the mortgage and pocket the rest.

3. No Worries of Paying Costly Repairs

When you put your home up for sale, it’s up to you to inspect it and make repairs. Most home buyers aren’t willing to buy a property with a lot of problems or one or more major issues.

However, investors are still willing to work with you. They’ll even purchase the home as is. This means they’ll take care of all the repairs, instead of hassling you about it.

Make Your Home a Quick Sale

Now that you understand the benefits of selling to investors, you may want to find one to purchase your home.

At Bigger Equity, we buy homes throughout Broward County, Miami-Dade County, and Palm Beach County.

If you have a home in one of these areas, feel free to contact us for an offer!

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