If you have been asking yourself “ how to sell my house fast Miami Lakes ”? You have come to the right place, because we buy houses Miami Lakes. Our company provides homeowners with creative solutions for any type of real-estate problem. We offer the homeowners that sell their house to us a unique opportunity, become a passive partner in the fixer-upper of your Miami Lakes house! All the work is done by us, and you get a check in the mail when we close with the end buyer! This way, you can sell my house fast Miami Lakes with BiggerEquity.


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Trust BiggerEquity with your Real Estate Needs.

We Maximize Value Through Reliable Execution and Market Knowledge

Sell My House Fast Miami Lakes

We Buy Houses Miami Lakes

Need to sell your house fast in Miami Lakes?

If you want to sell your house for cash in Miami Lakes, we want to give you a fair cash offer today .We use our own funds to buy all the properties we buy and we can close in as fast as a week! We are a local company that works in Miami Lakes and nearby areas and we have been buying homes all over the area. Don’t hesitate because we buy houses Miami Lakes!

8 Reasons I should sell my house to BiggerEquity:

  • BiggerEquity is a real-estate professional home buyer, especially in in the Miami Lakes and South Florida area!
  • Our company is local, we are not a franchise
  • We Pay CASH
  • And we close FAST
  • You don’t pay for anything; no realtor commissions, no repairs, no closing costs.
  • We are decent and honest human beings.
  • BiggerEquity isn’t picky about the homes they buy, we’ll buy properties as-is, any condition, any location and at any price range.
  • We SHARE the profit we make with YOU!

All the reasons to work with BiggerEquity

So if you want to sell your house, and you want to sell it FAST, you have come to the right place! Sell my house fast South Florida with BiggerEquity!

  • we share the profit with you
  • we close fast, in as little as 7 days
  • we buy any house, in any condition
  • we pay cash
  • you get up to $20,000 cash deposit before we close
  • we buy “AS-IS”
  • we provide temporary housing at no cost
  • we pay all closing costs

Get A Cash Offer!

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Why do I want to sell my house fast Miami Lakes?

My house needs extensive rehab…

Does your Miami Lakes house needs a lot of work? If it does, it’s going to be difficult to sell it traditionally, as retail buyers want to get a market ready product. And they are going to make you do the repairs and pay for them.

I inherited a property I am not interested at…

If you inherited a property then you are going to learn that properties have a lot of expenses; property taxes, property insurance and maintenance might create a hole in your pocket. If the property isn’t market ready you’ll find it hard to sell it traditionally so you can simply sell it to us and we will do all the work and share the profit with you.

I am behind on my mortgage payments…

Better work FAST before the bank foreclose on your property, as this will have a great impact on your credit score and you will lose all equitable rights on the property.


Moving next month due to a job transfer? Selling your house in a month traditionally isn’t very likely – sell it to a cash buyer instead. BiggerEquity can close on your Miami Lakes house in as little as 7 days!


If you are facing a divorce you should know that financially things aren’t likely to stay the same, alimony and child support aren’t cheap and if you can’t afford keeping a property it’s best to sell it fast so you can focus on the legal expenses and effort in the divorce process.

What are you waiting for? Contact us today and sell my house fast Miami Lakes, as we buy houses Miami Lakes!

Trust BiggerEquity with your Real Estate Needs.

We Maximize Value Through Reliable Execution and Market Knowledge

We are Miami Lakes home buyers, not real-estate agents! We buy houses Miami Lakes!

BiggerEquity is here to strike a deal with you that is beneficial for both sides, a classic “win-win” situation in which we both make money together.

We are not realtors and we are not interested in listing your house.
We are here to buy it and share the profit we make with you so you can move on with your life with as much equity as possible!

To learn more about our company:

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