10 Upcoming Neighborhoods in the State of Colorado

Colorado Neighborhoods
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Colorado has grown exponentially in the last few years, and it’s quickly becoming one of the most popular states in the union.

If you’re thinking of moving to this gorgeous state, there are tons of beautiful up and coming neighborhoods to choose from.

Check out this list of Colorado neighborhoods before making your move.

1. Villa Park

With a short commute to Denver, Villa Park is quickly becoming part of popular Colorado Neighborhoods. Combine that with affordable housing, and you’ll find a great market for homes and apartments.

There’s plenty of shopping, food, and activities here as well as gorgeous parks the whole family can enjoy. It also boasts a desirable school district.

Villa Park features an eclectic mixture of historic homes, new apartments, and single-family homes suitable for young families and active professionals. 

2. Hampden

Just 10 miles from downtown Denver, Hampden offers easy access to the Light Rail for a smooth commute into the city. It features a tight-knit community of residents and a welcoming atmosphere that families love.

If you love the outdoors, Hampden features over ten parks and rests next to Cherry Creek State Park for plenty of nature-centric activities. You’ll also find plenty of delicious restaurants and fantastic bars here.

With a range of housing options, Hampden is ideal for young hipsters and professionals as well as growing families.

3. Colorado Neighborhoods: Lowry

For those who want to spend a bit more on their homes, check out Lowry, featuring houses selling somewhere around the $700,000 range. This part of Colorado is a highly desirable area and primed for investors.

Excellent schools make this neighborhood a must for a lot of parents, and it also features museums and the Lowry Sports Complex. The area features a good mix of new condominiums and single-family homes.

With an assortment of breweries and restaurants to enjoy, this neighborhood is truly trending.

4. Highland

For a diverse area, Highland fits the bill with a large population of both Italian and Hispanic residents. This neighborhood is close to downtown Denver without the high price tag.

You’ll discover lots to do here including art galleries, coffee shops, and plenty of bars, restaurants, and bistros. It features a diverse, cultural richness that mixes everything from Asian flair to Italian heritage.

If you enjoy historic homes, Highland has plenty to offer along with easy access to Sloan’s Lake Park for some outdoor fun.

5. Broadmoor

Located in Colorado Springs, Broadmoor features a unique mixture of old and new money. This area was established between the 1920s and the 1940s and features old mansions and expensive remodels.

Broadmoor is considered a prestigious neighborhood with a large residency of doctors and lawyers. If you have a higher budget and want to live in an area with great views of the city, Broadmoor is a great choice.

This area of Colorado is great for golfers and those who enjoy the finer things in life.

6. Capitol Hill

If the urban vibe is your thing, Capitol Hill has just what you need. Located in downtown Denver, this neighborhood is affordable and perfect for young professionals.

You’ll find plenty of fantastic restaurants, bars, and museums here with a focus on art and creativity. This area is ideal for anyone who loves getting creative and enjoys an eclectic atmosphere.

For housing, there’s a great mixture of historic homes, walkups, and new condos to choose from. Prices are reasonable for Denver with an average price of $489,000.

7. Belcaro

Located in central Denver, Belcaro has only one school, but it’s earned a top rating from Denver Public Schools. This up and coming neighborhood is much quieter than others with very little retail.

For housing, you can choose from ranch-style homes all the way to impressive mansions that sell for over a million dollars. The cost of living is much higher in Belcaro, but many people choose it due to the calm and slower pace.

The median house price in Belcaro is a stunning $1.5 million, so plan your budget accordingly.

8. Louisville

This small community has just 20,000 residents and is conveniently located just outside of Boulder. It features a low crime rate and low unemployment, making it highly appealing for families.

With just an 18-mile commute to Denver, it’s also excellent for those who have jobs inside the city but prefer quiet living. It’s known to be one of the best walking cities in the US so there is plenty of outdoor space to enjoy.

With a low cost of living, you can choose from single-family homes and ranch houses all within an affordable price range.

9. Castle Rock

Castle Rock is located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and was founded as a gold rush city back in 1874. Today, it boasts a growing arts community and plenty of excellent dining.

This area is also a shopper’s paradise with plenty of incredible retailers and small businesses. The Promenade is a 166-acre community center that includes stores, parks, and restaurants.

With an average income of $93,000 per household, the housing prices are reasonable for most home buyers including professionals and families.

10. Marksheffel

Just northeast of Colorado Springs, Marksheffel is the true definition of an up and coming neighborhood. This area recently developed a new community center, school, pool, and plenty of new homes.

If you’re looking to get in on a quickly growing market, this area is an excellent choice. Housing prices are reasonable but are expected to rise in the next few years.

And for convenience, this area is close to the Colorado Springs Airport whenever you need to get away.

Living in the Centennial State

If you’re looking for fresh air and mountain living, explore these Colorado Neighborhoods. With plenty of outdoor activities and a myriad of shopping and activities, you’re sure to find the perfect place to call home.

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