Getting Ready to Sell a House

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There are so many things to think about when you’re selling your house. The real estate market, your competition, how much it costs to sell a home in your area, and the cost of moving are just a few of the factors that go into making this decision. 

There are also small details that may not seem like much but can either help or hurt your efforts to sell quickly and for top dollar, from decluttering and staging to fixing little things like leaky faucets and broken toilets. 

These seemingly unimportant details can play a major role in helping you sell fast and for top dollar! Here are some helpful tips on how you can prep your home for sale.

Know Your Home’s Worth

If you’re going to sell your house, you first need to know its value. There are a number of websites, like Zillow, that can give you an estimate based on your address and the comparable sales in your area. 

It’s important to know your home’s worth so you can be realistic about what it will take to sell your house. In some cases, you might want to lower your asking price to entice potential buyers. 

Or, if your property is worth significantly more than what you owe on it, you might want to consider taking out a home equity loan or line of credit, so you have the cash to make necessary repairs or updates. 

You can also use the extra money to make your payments more manageable while you’re trying to sell the house. Before you put your house on the market, check to see if there are any homeowner or neighborhood association dues that are past due.

If there are, make sure you resolve them promptly. Associations often report unpaid dues to credit agencies, which can lower your credit score. Having a low score can make it harder to sell your house.

Find the Right Agent

Choose an agent who lives and breathes real estate in your area. Look for an agent who is committed to helping you get the best price possible for your property and who is knowledgeable about the local housing market. 

While you can certainly try to sell your house on your own, most people hire a real estate agent to help steer them through the process. 

Agents can give you valuable information on how to prep your house for sale, and they can also help you price your house appropriately based on the current market conditions. 

When interviewing agents, ask about their experience and how long they’ve been in business. Ask for samples of recent sales comparable to yours, and check their references. You want to make sure you choose the right agent for you and your needs.

Declutter and Clean

While this may seem obvious, it’s crucial in helping your home sell. The more clutter your house has, the less appealing it will be to potential buyers. People don’t like to have to walk through junk to get to places in the house. 

They don’t like having to step over things, and they don’t like having to move things to get to things that are in their way. Bottom line, your house should be clean and tidy when showing it to potential buyers. 

Keep walkways and pathways clear so people can walk around the house without stepping on or tripping over clutter. If you want the house to sell quickly, you should probably get rid of everything. 

This includes pictures, books, and clothing. You can donate anything that you really don’t want to keep, but it’s best to get rid of old pictures, books, and clothes. You might want to consider having a garage or yard sale to get rid of things you don’t need or want.

The reason for this is so that you can depersonalize the house and make it seem like a blank canvas that buyers can project their own style onto. You want the buyer to be able to imagine themselves living in the house, and it’s hard to do that when the house is full of your stuff.

Stage Your Home

If your goal is to sell your house quickly, staging is a must. Staging is the process of making small but important changes to your home to make it appear more attractive and appealing to buyers. 

This includes removing personal photos, furniture, and decorations and making small changes to make your home look like a model home (cleaning, painting, etc.). 

There are many helpful staging websites out there that can guide you through the process and give you excellent tips and ideas on how to stage your home.

You can also hire a staging company to come in and do all the work for you. A staging company can help get your home sold quickly and for top dollar.

Have Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned

You might not think that your carpets are dirty, but they probably are. It’s amazing how much dirt and grime can build up over time, and you might not even notice it. If you have light-colored carpets, then it will be even more noticeable.

A professional carpet cleaning company will be able to get your carpets looking like new again. This is definitely worth the money because it will make your house look cleaner and more inviting.

If you have pets or if there are smokers in the home, you definitely need to consider having your carpets professionally cleaned and vacuumed. Doing so will remove old stains and odors caused by pets, children, and smoking. 

So if you’re selling a home with pets or children, you want potential buyers to know that your house is clean and safe for them to live in. 

What’s more, having your carpets professionally cleaned will also help them last longer. Your home will also be more appealing to potential buyers as a result. It’s worth the investment, and it could help make a difference in selling.

Repair Broken Toilets and Faucets

If there are broken items in your house, it’s better to fix them now. Broken toilets and faucets can be a major turn-off to potential buyers. You can get many items like toilets and faucets fixed for a low cost.

You don’t want to get these items fixed right before you sell your house because it will cost you more money to get a plumber to come out to your house. 

It’s better to get these items fixed before you list your house. If you have the time and ability, you can save money by doing the repairs yourself.

Repaint Your Front Door

Your front door is the first thing that people will see when they come to your house, so you want to make sure it looks good. If your front door is looking old and worn, then it’s time to touch it up or repaint it.

You can either choose to repaint it the same color or choose a new color altogether. Just make sure that the new color goes well with the rest of the house.

You might also want to consider replacing the door knob and knocker if they are looking old. These are relatively inexpensive changes that can make a big difference.

Touch Up the Walls

If you have any scratches or marks on the walls, then now is the time to touch them up. You might also want to consider painting the entire house if it hasn’t been done in a while. 

A fresh coat of paint can make a big difference and make your house look more inviting. Just make sure that you choose a neutral color so that potential buyers can easily imagine themselves living there.

Restore the Exterior of the House

If the exterior of your house is looking old and run-down, then it’s time to do something about it. This includes painting the trim and siding, as well as the gutters and downspouts. 

You might also want to consider pressure washing the house if it’s really dirty. This will make it look much better and more inviting to potential buyers.

If you’ve done all you can but you’re having trouble selling, you might want to consider painting the exterior of your house, adding new landscaping, installing a new roof, or adding new siding. 

These improvements can make a huge impact on the overall appearance of your house. They can help your house sell for more money and sell much quicker.


Selling your house can be a long and intense process, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. By following these tips and preparing your house for sale, you’ll increase your chances of selling it quickly and for top dollar. 

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