You Have Decided That It Is Time To Sell Your House.

In general, you are facing two options, sell it in a conventional way or in a creative way. Our experience shows that any homeowner has its own reasons to sell. Therefore we, at BiggerEquity believe in creative solutions by thinking outside the box in order to help YOU solve YOUR problem.

Realtor – Yes or No?

Are you looking to sell your property but don’t know whether it is best for you to sell it to a cash buyer, or maybe hire a real estate agent and list it on the Multiple listing service? Do not worry! we are here to put everything in order. When you are looking to sell your house, you have to ask yourself a few fundamental questions in order to understand what will be your best option.

  • Why do I want to sell?

  • How fast do I want to sell?

  • What is the condition of my property?

After answering all those questions, making a decision should be much easier. As you know, every decision you make in life has its pros and cons, in order to help you make the best-educated decision we would like to go over them. To be honest, selling your house to us at BiggerEquity has only one disadvantage and it is price. We are here to make a profit. As simple as that and we have no shame about it. Don’t get us wrong, we are not looking to “steal” your house from you but we like to be honest with our sellers as we would like them to be with us. With that being said, it is very important to emphasize an interesting point, we are the only company that offers to share its profit with its sellers under full transparency.


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1. Timing is everything

Records show, that a house will sit on the market for 49 days, average until it gets sold, plus 45 days on average until closing. When you are selling your house the conventional way, you should expect to get paid within 3 months.
However, we at BiggerEquity, will buy your house FAST and can close even within 3 days! Don’t forget, fast nickel always beats a slow dime!

2. We will always provide you with a cash offer

Selling your house the conventional way usually will attract retail buyers, and most retail buyers simply cannot offer you cash. Data derived from publicly recorded deeds show that the share of cash sales is only 29.8%. The absolute majority of buyers will have to apply for a loan. Now, when you involve a lender in the transaction, the procrastination begins. First, they want your house to be inspected and appraised. Now, what if, your house is distressed? Big problem! No lender will approve a loan on a distressed property. That is exactly why you are seeking a cash offer. Like we mentioned before, we are investors, we have cash and we want to make you a quick cash offer. No contingencies, no hassles, no third party involved.

3. No closing costs! we pay them all!

Selling a property on the open market is usually accompanied by a number of costs that are related to the seller. Seller’s closing costs are as follows:

-State documentary stamp tax on the deed

Before you record a deed in the public records, you must purchase documentary stamps and affixed to the deed. Stamps are purchased from the clerk of the circuit court, usually when the deed is presented for redecoration. Currently, in Florida, the tax on the deed is calculated at the rate of $.70 per 100$ of value, or fractional part thereof, based on the sales price of the property. In a nutshell, you as a seller will have to pay 0.7-0.75% of the sales price.

-Title search

The title means ownership. When a party owns the property, he or she has a legal title to it. When you are looking to sell your property, any buyer would like to provide them a clear, marketable and merchantable title. In order to do so, you, the seller, will have to obtain a title search. This search cost approximately $450-600. Selling your house to us at BiggerEquity will simply discharge you from paying the title search. Like we said WE will pay all of your closing costs

-Realtor’s commission

As real estate investors, we at BiggerEquity, know how difficult it might be to find a good, professional, trustworthy real estate agent in today’s market. Most realtors usually charge you with the amount of 6% of the selling price.


Cleaning and evacuating the property from belongings might not be very expensive but it is most definitely an oppressive task. Maybe you inherited the property of one of your loved ones or maybe you are just moving out of state, no matter what will be your case, we at BiggerEquity will buy your house AS IS and will take care of any cleaning or even shipping your belongings if necessary. Like we said before we are willing to be as creative as necessary in order to help you solve your issue.


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