How an Outdoor Bathroom Can Help Sell Your Florida Home

Outdoor Bathroom
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It’s been said that selling a home is really about selling a lifestyle.

You want the potential buyers to envision the wonderful life they would have if they were to make the purchase.

In Florida, the lifestyle is all about enjoying the sunshine, so make that buyer’s envisioned lifestyle one of ultimate luxury with an outdoor bathroom.

The Advantages of an Outdoor Bathroom

Make your Florida home seem like a live-in vacation with an outdoor bathroom.

This can amp up the property value and appeal of the house to potential buyers, helping it sell fast!

Add Luxury

Let’s be clear, outdoor bathrooms are a far cry from a Port-O-Potty or outhouse.

We’re talking indulgent showers in the sun and long baths listening to the birds chirp and feeling the warm breeze. It’s like having a vacation spa in your own backyard.

There are a ton of different possibilities for outdoor bathrooms. Of course, it depends on the outdoor space you have and the budget you’re working with. Ideally, it will compliment the style of the home in a coherent, yet enhancing way.

Check out these great ideas on Pinterest for some inspiration.

Set Your Home Apart From The Competition

A great outdoor tub or shower is like an oasis. It can be relaxing and romantic.

Plus, it’s something that not everyone has, which is a big eye catcher for buyers.

Amp it up even more with a relaxing fountain or outdoor sound system.

Stay Clean!

Outdoor bathrooms also add a lot of function, especially if you have a pool or live near the sandy beaches.

Rinse off before a swim to minimize your pool cleaning needs, or wash off the surf before tracking sand all over your house.

Great For Kids

With kids, an outdoor toilet can be a game changer. A bathroom near the pool can help discourage accidents that ruin the fun in the sun.

It can also keep water from being tracked all over the inside of the house, which can be both messy and dangerous!

Embrace The Outdoors

Floridians are lucky enough to enjoy beautiful weather most days out of the year. That makes for a lot of time soaking up the sun!

Showering or bathing outdoors is like heaven for sunshine lovers.

Make the outdoor bathroom even better with lush plants for privacy like fan palms.

If your outdoor space features a view, make sure to incorporate that into your design.


Investing a little extra into your home can not only help your home sell, it can help it sell for a higher price.

For more tips on attracting buyers and selling your home, feel free to browse the rest of the Better Equity blog. You’ll find loads of helpful articles like this one on fast sale strategies.

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