10 Upcoming Neighborhoods in the State of Wisconsin

Wisconsin Neighborhoods
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Whether you’re a millennial, a young family, or a retired couple, Wisconsin has plenty of incredible things to offer.

If you’re on the hunt for a new place to live, this state has lots of beautiful scenery, great food, and much more.

Check out this list of ten up and coming Wisconsin Neighborhoods to consider before you decide to put down roots.

1. Silver City

This “shiny” area is named after a time when workers received silver dollars as payment. Today, this neighborhood is chock full of incredible international dining and fun things to do.

If you love nature, check out the Hank Aaron State Trail for a bit of trekking and exploring. The area is truly diverse with around 66 percent of residents hailing from a Latino background.

For housing, you’ll find everything from classic bungalows to brick colonial-style homes. Visit the area and try some of the delicious cuisines while you house shop.

2. Lindsay Heights

Lindsay Heights is one of the most popular up and coming Wisconsin Neighborhoods. After the housing crisis of 2008, this dynamic and diverse neighborhood has bounced back.

With community gardens and a warm and inviting atmosphere, this neighborhood is an excellent choice for young families. The neighborhood also features plenty of great restaurants, coffee spots, and natural food stores.

If you’re looking for housing in this neighborhood, check out the large inventory of restored duplexes and single-family homes. Lindsay Heights is a wonderful place to experience a variety of cultures and people.

3. Whitefish Bay

With a small population, the area of Whitefish Bay is a suburb of Milwaukee with its own unique character. This lovely location borders a lake that has a rich history of beer barons and vacationers flocking to its shores.

Today, Whitefish Bay is full of residential lots you can build a home on. While it certainly is beautiful, it’s also one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the state.

Of the many Wisconsin Neighborhoods, this one is consistently voted one of the best to raise a family. if you have young children or are planning to have some, it’s an excellent choice.

4. Waunakee

Located in Dane County, Waunakee is a small village with just under 13,000 people. If the quiet countryside living is your thing, this up and coming neighborhood is a fabulous option.

Surprisingly, even though it’s small in size, it also has an excellent reputation for having some of the best schools in the state. The residents of this village are closely knit, making it a fun place to make new friends.

About one-third of the town are residents with children. This makes Waunakee a wonderful choice for families of all sizes.

5. Wisconsin Neighborhoods: Shorewood

For real lakefront living, try the neighborhood of Shorewood. This peaceful neighborhood sits along a lake and offers incredible scenic views.

For older people who want peaceful living, this neighborhood is a wonderful option. With just over 13,000 residents, it offers a close-knit community while providing plenty of peace.

Shorewood boasts a highly rated school system and features reasonable rent and housing prices. Young professionals love the peaceful vibe along with nature views and activities.

6. Havenwoods

With its unusual combination of green space and urban living, Havenwoods is a wonderful mixture of environments. This hip neighborhood once served as a missile site, a dump, and even a military prison.

Today, Havenwoods features a large forest and park that gives residents a nature-filled escape. It also boasts a variety of community gardens and a honey farm.

You’ll find ranch homes and Cape Cod style houses to choose from, all of which are fabulous for growing families. Home prices are reasonable, too, which makes Havenwoods a fantastic up and coming neighborhood.

7. Elm Grove

If you’re looking for small town living in Wisconsin Neighborhoods, give Elm Grove a try. With a small population of just over 6,000, it was recently voted one of the best suburbs to reside in America by Business Insider.

With low crime rates and a fantastic school system, Elm Grove is growing rather quickly. The population here is fairly wealthy with an average household income of around $114,000.

 The area is proud of its environmentally friendly atmosphere. You’ll find a unique combination of Victorian homes along with modernized industrial buildings for housing.

8. Fox Point

Although small, Fox Point is one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the state of Wisconsin. This beautifully maintained village provides residents with safety and very high quality of life.

Although it has some of the highest incomes per household in the state, housing prices are fairly reasonable. Depending on your income, you can find a beautiful home here for around $295,000.

Thanks to the high profile of the neighborhood, selling a home here is also an easy process.

9. Brewer’s Hill

If you’re in the market for a historic neighborhood, Brewer’s Hill is right up your alley. This growing neighborhood contains plenty of older homes intermingled with new developments.

Thanks to the affordable cost of living, it’s primed for a mixture of retirees and young professionals. The nightlife is plentiful so there’s never a shortage of things to do.

Brewer’s Hill has an extremely low crime rate along with plenty of fabulous breweries to hang out at. Mixing historic style with trendy amenities, it’s no wonder this neighborhood is growing.

10. Stevens Point

With its beautiful views and affordable costs, Stevens Point is just right. This neighborhood has a low cost of living, with rent under $1,000 a month and homes averaging under $150,000.

With some of the best schools in the state, this neighborhood is growing quickly. Combine that with plenty of fantastic restaurants and breweries and you’ve got a recipe for a great place to live.

Fabulous Wisconsin Living 

With a wide range of price points and styles to choose from, these Wisconsin Neighborhoods offer something for everyone. Whether you love a brewery or you need a neighborhood with great schools, you’re sure to find it here.

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