3 Emerging Trends in Miami Beach Real Estate

Miami Beach real estate
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Miami is arguably the best city in the country.

It is a world of cultural exchange and inclusion, quality beaches, and never-ending entertainment. There is always something to do, no matter if you want to dance the night away or catch the sunrise over Biscayne Bay.

The city draws you in every time you visit, and many people end up staying for good.

But, you might end up with a desire to move from one neighborhood to another. If your South Beach days are over, you need to capitalize on Miami Beach real estate opportunities.

Here are some trends to keep up with as you look into entering this Miami market.

1. Know Your Window

The average time Miami Beach real estate is on the market is about 140 days.

This gives you roughly four months to enter the market and find a buyer. Four months may sound like a while, but in reality, the time can fly.

A trusted agent can help you stay on track.

Real estate agents know what buyers want and how to best reach them.

They can fight against people trying to get you to sell lower, and can consult which opportunities to look into. You may end up selling for a little less than you’d like, but not without making a strong stance.

2. Buyers Want Protection

While considering your selling options, think about the benefits you can capitalize on.

One of the most important things buyers are looking for is the proper security measures.

If your apartment offers a second-story garage, you’re in good shape. Make it a point to communicate how this will help when a storm rolls in or the street gets crowded for big events.

Speaking of storms, ensure your windows and glass doors are hurricane-proof.

If they aren’t, you may want to install this upgrade before trying to sell. This is a valuable investment that can boost your value in the market and end up paying for itself.

3. Amenities Matter

Miami Beach is one of the most exciting parts of the Magic City.

As excited as a buyer will be to break in their bragging rights, they will want to be comfortable in their new home.

Make your amenities well-known in the selling process.

Talk about anything from maintenance benefits to how pet-friendly a building is. Mention what you love about your gym and if you feel like your building’s board of directors has improved the quality of life.

Even walking distance can make or break a deal.

Someone who is moving to Miami beach wants to be in on the action. Tell them your favorite spots right around the corner or down the block.

Remember, buyers aren’t just choosing an address. They’re looking to build a life around where they live.

Buying and Selling Miami Beach Real Estate

Miami Beach real estate is rising in popularity among locals and newcomers alike.

Get in on the action and make your sale with the right agent.

Contact us today to discuss your opportunities and get you one step closer to a successful sale in Miami Beach.

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