Quick House Sale Miami: 5 Tips for Staging your Home

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When it comes to selling your house in Miami, location and price will only get you so far. Potential buyers are looking for a home that feels right. They are looking for curb appeal, inviting living spaces, and a house that feels like a home.

You only get one shot at a first impression. Make it count.

One of the best ways to make a quick house sale is staging your home properly. You don’t want your house too entirely devoid of all furniture during a showing. However, a home that looks too well-lived- can pose its own collection of problems.

Here are five tips for putting your home’s best foot forward through staging.

1. Clean Up Your Curb

If your front yard looks unappealing, it’s easy for prospective buyers to drive right on by. Thus, it’s just as important for the outside of your house to look as great as the inside.

Consider power washing concrete walkways and parking areas. Trim surrounding hedges and trees and give the lawn a fresh cut. If your porch or exterior walls are showing signs of wear, apply a fresh coat of paint to brighten them up.

2. Remove Extra Furniture & Clutter

A strong tool for making a quick house sale is to create open space for interested buyers to toy with. Buyers become more engaged when they can imagine themselves in a home and get excited on how they can make it their own.

To give their imaginations room to roam, clear out extra furniture and clutter. Extra stuff will make the home feel smaller. Moreover, if your design deviates too much from the average buyer, it can be harder for them to envision themselves in that home.

3. Spruce Up Your Kitchen Space

The kitchen is perhaps the most lived-in space of a home. Thus, it is imperative to dazzle prospective buyers with a kitchen they want to be in.

Restain kitchen cabinets to give them a fresh new look. If your kitchen appliances are dated, consider upgrading to new ones. Nothing screams “new kitchen” quite like new appliances – and they will increase your home’s overall value, too!

4. Make Your Bathrooms Shine

The last thing any home buyer wants to see when viewing a home is grime. When it comes to bathrooms, white sells.

Ensure that all your porcelain – toilets, tubs, sinks – are immaculate. Scrub off grout and hard water stains from shower doors and bathroom tile. Add some colors to walls and decor to accentuate the overall cleanliness.

5. Shoot For Neutral Bedrooms & Common Spaces

When looking to impress buyers, you need to consider all buyers. This can be tough, because women home seekers may have very different preferences than their male counterparts.

For bedrooms, dining rooms, and living rooms strive for an overall neutral tone and decor. Choose colors and decor that appeal to both sides of the equation. Not only will you be appealing to singular men and women buyers, but you will also create more connections to couples looking for a happy home medium.

Staging Your Home for a Quick House Sale

Staging is key to appealing to your target audience when aiming for a quick house sale on your Miami home. The better you create a space buyers can see themselves living in, the more likely you will be to sell your home at the price you want.

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