Top 5 Reasons To Sell Your Florida Home Without A REALTOR(R)

sell a home in florida
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If you’ve tried to sell a home in Florida, you know just how tricky it can be.

REALTORS® are often more hassle than they are worth. Many have an extensive list of terms and conditions, hidden fees and long turn around times.

What if we told you there was another creative way to work around the traditional system?

In this short post, we are going to share the top 5 reasons to sell your Florida home without a REALTOR®.

Let’s get to it!

1. You can sell the home just the way it is.

One of the big reasons to sell a home in Florida without a REALTOR® is the fact that you can sell your house exactly the way it is.

This ideal for situations like:

  • Water/fire damage.
  • Termites.
  • If the home needs a lot of work done to it.
  • The home belonged to someone who passed away and it is too difficult to go through belongings.
  • You want to quickly split property assets after a divorce.
  • You have to move suddenly.
  • You are being foreclosed on. 

By not using a REALTOR® you can fast-track the entire process and not have to worry about going through the long, conventional methods.

2. It’s a clear, straightforward transaction.

No more hidden tax fees, pesky real-estate agent fees or last minute legal charges.

At the time of closure, you can be paid and the ownership of the house immediately transferred to the buyer leaving them with the closing fees and you without the burden.

This makes it a straightforward transaction. You don’t have to worry about jumping through the usual real-estate hoops or paying realtor expenses.

3. You can get paid in cash.

One of the benefits of by-passing REALTORS® is that you can get paid cash in hand.

In fact, you can even get up to a $20,000 deposit before the closure even takes place. This is great if you have the need or desire to liquidate your assets into cash.

4. You can close a deal in as quickly as 7 days.

Selling a house doesn’t have to be a long, dragged out process.

Just how quick can you close a deal? Well, without a REALTOR® it could be as fast as 7 days.

Imagine, one week from now you could be free from your current burden, ready to start a new chapter of your life.

If you would rather take your time, remember that you are in control and a closing date of your choice can be arranged.

5. You can prevent foreclosure.

Foreclosure can be an extremely daunting process, especially for families here in Florida.

In our 10 ways to stop foreclosure post, we show you how you don’t just have to sit and wait for this to happen. You can actually take pro-active steps that may leave you in a stronger position.

We have had some great testimonials from clients facing foreclosure who made a quick sale to get ahead of their financial difficulties. You too can take advantage of this by selling your home without a REALTOR®.

Want to sell a home in Florida?

Regardless of your reason, we at Bigger Equity can assist in your home selling process.

If you want to sell a home in Florida we provide a range of options that can suit your exact needs. Contact us today to find out how we can turn your home into cash all without a realtor.

We’re happy to help and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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