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Selling a house is not an easy thing to do, we are here to simplify the process make it less stressful and fast experience. We want to give you the peace of mind you need in order to move on with your life. If you searched “I need to sell my house fast” then you got to the right place!

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Every week we work with different people who need to sell their houses fast.

people have different needs and every house has its own story.
From people that are facing foreclosure and want to sell their house fast for cash, going through a divorce, people who own a vacant house and can not afford the payment any more, those who need to move and can’t sell their house on time, to landlords that are tired of dealing with tenants, good people who lost their jobs and can’t afford to pay the mortgage payment any more and just can’t pay 6% commission to a real estate agent to sell it, people who owe more than their house is actually worth and selling with a real estate agent is just not an option, to people who owns a damage house and just can’t afford to repair it.

We help People like that every week and these people have a few things in common:

  • They need a quick solution to their real estate problem.
  • All of them want to be treated nice and fairly.
  • They don’t have the extra cash to repair their house or paying all sorts of real estate fees.
  • They want to move on with their life and don’t want the stress this house is giving them.

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We SHARE the profit we make with YOU…

Working with us is by far the best choice because we share our profits with our sellers. YES, you read right, when we make profit on a deal that was provided by a seller, the seller becomes a partner in one way or another. We are going to put the efforts in fixing the house, and the marketing. As you will sit back and relax while you know there is extra profit coming in soon. read more here.

Generally, when you sell your house to BiggerEquity you’ll make profit on one of the next ways:
1. We perform a full rehab or remodel on the house, and sell it again above market value.
2. We will have a 3rd party buy the house from us and you’ll get a share.
3. We’ll do the necessary fixes and rent out the property, and you’ll get a share of the ARV ( After Repair Value ).

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All the reasons to work with BiggerEquity

So if you want to sell your house, and you want to sell it FAST, you have come to the right place! Sell my house fast South Florida with BiggerEquity!

  • we share the profit with you
  • we close fast, in as little as 7 days
  • we buy any house, in any condition
  • we pay cash
  • you get up to $20,000 cash deposit before we close
  • we buy “AS-IS”
  • we provide temporary housing at no cost
  • we pay all closing costs